Spring Lawn Clean-up Package Descriptions

Bronze Package

Power rakes remove the dead debris and crust that builds up over winter. It is a gentle way to manage thatch that has built up from the previous season.

The blades are set to slice channels through the thatch level and into the root zone.

This maintains an existing thatch which is critical to healthy turf as it serves as a barrier to weed germination and preserves moisture in the root zone.

The thatch and debris brought to the surface during the power rake is vacuumed up during the mowing process.

All thatch and debris is loaded and hauled away.

Silver Package

This package extends the process after a Bronze package to include a core aeration.

Core aeration is often described as the most important thing you can do to create a healthy, thick and robust lawn.

The main benefits are:

  • Reduces and relieves soil compaction
  • Encourages deep healthy roots and greater drought tolerance in summer
  • Removes excess thatch layers
  • Helps eliminate drought stress
  • Reduces weed infestations
  • Reduces insect and disease incidence
  • Increases uptake of fertilizer and water
  • Stimulates new turf growth

Gold Package

This package extends a Silver package to include an application of fertilizer.

We use slow release fertilizers which meter-out nutrients over many weeks.

The fertilizers tend to produce turf with good color without excessive leaf growth.

Overseed Package

Many of the services offered with the
Spring Lawn Clean-up Packages - Bronze, Silver or Gold already provide the preliminary steps in the Overseed process, making it an opportune time to consider building to an Overseed Package.

The package selected will determine what additional steps are necessary to complete the Overseed Package.

The final steps involve grass seed application and a power rake to incorporate the seed into the soil.

The lawn is rolled to ensure good soil/seed contact.

For lawns that are thin and weak, overseeing works wonders.

New grass seeds assist in thickening and continually adding new grass. Seed replaces older, tired grass to keep it healthy and robust.

Overseeding is recommended annually for ever lawn, even the best conditioned.

Spring and Fall are usually the best times to plant grass seed, since soil and air temperatures are warm and natural rainfall is usually common.

These beneficial growing conditions help ensure optimal seed germination and make establishment much more successful.

Maintaining a light frequent watering schedule until the grass fully establishes is vital to ensure the seed stays moist and doesn’t dry out.

Special aftercare and mowing practices are required during establishment, since new seedlings are tender and can be easily damaged if mowing frequency and mowing height are not adjusted.

It’s recommended to wait 4-6 weeks after full germination until regular mowing practices are adopted.

Lawn Care Package Descriptions


This package is a 3-step program with 2 fertilizer applications and 3 weed control applications.

It is most effective for lawns that have a history of poor maintenance.

This package will produce a more robust and thicker lawn with effective control of weed infestations.

Grass will be more competitive and provide more resistance to weeds going forward.

Econo-Pac (Premium)

This package is the same as the Econo-Pac but provides an additional fertilizer application with the early summer weed control.


This package is the same as the Econo-Pac (Premium) but incorporates a core aeration or Bronze Package.

It offers savings to customers who want a lawn care package but also want the benefits of a core aeration or power rake.

Spring and Fall-Pac

This package is a 2-step program with 2 fertilizer applications and 2 wed control applications.

It is recommended for lawns that have a history of some maintenance and are in fair condition.

This package is usually recommended after a year of the one of the other packages as it makes an excellent maintenance package.